“What do I like about HighMark? I love that we have so many offered sports to do here! Because I love playing sports, and here I can do that. I like every sings teacher we have here, because you get to feel connected to them and get to know them since we have small classes. And I also love being able to surround myself with all the amazing people that go here and make new friends”.

Taylor T.

“HighMark is a great school. I think how it has a friendly environment, and mostly everyone knows each other. More than that, we have fantastic teachers who help us learn and progress. Also, Highmark offers a variety of different, interesting classes, which make school all the more fun. It’s great!”

Kinsey R.

“HighMark will always hold a very special place in my heart. Not only has it been my school for the last three years, but I have made relationships with not only students, but teachers that I will forever remember. I can honestly say that the teachers here at Highmark care about me and how I do in their class and I will forever be grateful for that experience.”


“There are a lot of reasons I like going to HighMark Charter School, there are amazing teachers, great kids, fun sports, and so much more. But the main reason I like this school is because of the teachers. I have been to lots of schools, but none of them had such great teachers that care about how you are not only doing at the school, but also at home. These are just some of the reasons that I love going to such a great school.”

Kyra M.

“I like how small HighMark is. Everyone knows everyone and are nice to each other. I like the class choices you can choose from, and I like the teachers here. I like using iPads and computers in class. I like the size of the rooms, hey are very big and roomy. I like how many students are in every class because they aren’t big, but they aren’t small.”

Karlee R.

“Highmark is and awesome school! I love how it shows you all about business .It gets you ready for the real world and for when you get older. This school has given me some very good friends. I love how the school is so small, because you know everyone. Plus there are teachers who usually know who you are, personally. This is the best junior high I could’ve gone to!”

Hannah D.

“This school is great! The teachers are all very nice. Smaller classes give us more individual attention and help with school work. Teachers actually care about you as an individual. The principal is the best. We have an awesome school store with lots of drinks and treats, and our lunches are the best! The people in the office are the nicest people ever!”

Cory A.

“I like HighMark because it is a fabulous school. My favorite thing is that all the teachers are very understanding, truthful, and fair about homework. That is why I love Highmark!”

Ashlie P.

This is my first year attending HighMark and it was a really nice transition. Everyone was welcoming to me and it felt really nice because I wasn’t shy. I didn’t have trouble marking friends because they all liked me. I just love the feeling when I walk into school because you know that today is a good day.

Kole S.

I think that HighMark is a great school. I really like how its centered on business and not just random things. I have been with this school from the beginning, so I’ve been able to see it change and grow. The teachers are fantastic and so are the kids. The teachers make sure that you are learning but also having fun. There are no groups like the “popular kids and nerds”, and I really like that. Also there is not a lot of people so you get more attention and everyone knows everyone. HighMark is a fantastic school.

Micah S.