Summit 4th to 9th Core

Our 4th-9th graders will be using the Summit platform for their personalized learning here at HighMark.

How do I navigate the platform? -

What is Summit and how is it beneficial for my student? -

What should my student be doing in mentoring? -

How do I know what is due and when? -

How do I know what my student is accountable for? -

How do I know what my student missed? -

How does my student get an A? -

What is a checkpoint? -

What is a Math unit? -

The Summit Learning Program: An Overview -

Our New Approach: Personalized Learning -

What is Summit Learning? -

The Role of the Teacher –

What Makes Up Your Child’s Grade? -

What to Expect this School Year -

The Power of Mentoring -

Please feel free to check out additional information at Summit’s YouTube page. ->