I love HighMark. I have been here tow years and I have loved it. The teachers are amazing, they help you with homework and whatever you need. The sports activities are great you can choose from many different things. I have loved HighMark and I’m glad that I chose this school.

Abby E.

This is a great school. I have gone to this school for 4 years. You have fun at this school but you also get what needs to be done, done. This school has a great location and amazing teachers. HighMark Charter School goes from grade K-9 and I wouldn’t change a thing about it. When you get into Jr. High they have a great choice selection for electives. I give HighMark Charter School a 5 star rating.

Brooklyn W.

HighMark is a great school! I have been going here for four years and I love it! Sure we have a uniform, but it is barely anything. You can wear jeans and anything that forms a collar. Also, HighMark has really good sports options! All teachers at HighMark are great, they are very helpful and understanding. We have some great electives too! All in all, this is an amazing school.

Kaitlyn K.

This is my second year at HIghMark and I think it is great! HighMark is very business based, they teach kids about different careers, how to manage money, social skills, and prepare us for our futures. The teachers are great and they will help you with any questions you might have. The electives are great because you have a very wide variety. I think HighMark is a great school!

Dalyla K.

HighMark Charter School is awesome! The teachers and students are great! Since HighMark is a smaller school you get more individual help. The Jr. High is just upstairs so you can get to classes faster. The lunch is great too; on Monday we have Rumbi Island Grill, Tuesday, Chick-fil-a, Wednesday, Domino’s Pizza, Thursday, Dairy Queen, and on Firday we have Jimmy Johns! There is also a Hawks Nest (the school store) you can buy candy, treats, or HighMark gear from. This is only my first year at HighMark Charter School, but I love it here.

Sara H.

HighMark is a great school. It really nice that the classes are smaller so you get more attention. Also because the classes are small you know everyone. I have only been going to HighMark for one year but all of the teachers know my name. It is also nice that the Jr. High is a square so you don’t get lost.

Katelyn D.

HighMark Charter School is a great place. They have great people working here. The teachers are so loving and kind, they want you to succeed in life. I give HighMark a 5 star rate because HIGHMARK IS THE BEST SCHOOL I HAVE EVER BEEN TO!!!

Janessa P.

HighMark Charter School is a great school. There is so much to learn here and do. There are so many wonderful teachers, principals, and vice principles, etc. There are so many boys and girls to become friends with and learn with. It is a charter school so wear a collar (except on Friday’s) and have fun!

Brad J.

HighMark Charter School is a very good school. I would recommend to go to this school. That is because HighMark is a very sophisticated school. HighMark has many things for Jr. High classes. The dress code at HighMark is also very good. HighMark is great for older students. I love how HighMark has great and different strategies for students to learn.

Faiza Y.

Thank you for all that you do! We know that the success of the school runs on all those involved, and we know that you are always so busy and take care of so much. Thank you for your love and caring towards the children, and all of us.