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Chromebooks (6th - 9th)
Username: first.last
Password: Capital initials+ID number+Hawks (SS1000Hawks)

Username: e-mail (
Password: Capital initials+ID number+Hawks (SS1000Hawks)

Office 365
Office 365
Username: (
Password: Capital initials+ID+Hawks (Same password as you use to login the computers) (SS1000Hawks)

Username: first.last (NOT E-MAIL)
Password: lower case initials+####+Hawks (student # must be 4 digits) (example: ss1000Hawks)
(From home students can’t just Google “canvas” as it doesn’t take them to our school Canvas site with the green background and school logo. Students need to go to the Highmark Charter School blog, go to the Student Portal page and click on the Canvas link. Bookmark/Favorite it)

Username: Student#
Password: initials+Student#+Hawks (example: ss1234Hawks) - Same as Canvas but student ID does not need to be 4 digits

Utah Compose
Utah Compose

Grade Change Contract - Grade Change Contract (pdf)

Extra Curricular Activities

Get involved in any one of the many activities available at HighMark.

HighMark Charter School is working towards providing a Junior High experience complete with athletics, clubs, and student government. We believe that extra-curricular activities, supported by students and parents, will create a strong culture of unity.

HMCS is a member of the Utah Charter School Sports League (UCSSL) and will compete in a competitive sports division. The charter school league sports may include, but are not limited to:

Cross Country - Cross Country Schedule (pdf)
Flag Football - Flag Football Schedule (pdf)
Girls Soccer - Girls Soccer Schedule (pdf)
Girls Volleyball - Volleyball Schedule (pdf)
Boys Basketball - Boys Basketball Schedule (pdf)
Wrestling - Wrestling – Wrestling Schedule (pdf)
Girls Basketball - Girls Basketball Schedule (pdf)
Boys Soccer

To represent HighMark Charter School as an athlete a student must meet eligibility requirements as outlined in school policy.

A student participating in HighMark sports would be eligible with one “U”; or one “N” and one “U”; or two “N’s for the previous quarter and the current quarter Any other combination beyond this a student would no longer be eligible for athletics. The midterm and term report cards will e a basis for determining eligibility.

Attain and maintain a 2.5 GPA or better with no “F”s for the previous quarter and while involved in the current sport.

An athlete may be removed from participation for any conduct that results in dishonor to the athlete, the team or the school. Acts of unacceptable conduct, such as but not limited to, fighting, theft, vandalism, disrespect, immorality or violations of the law, tarnish the reputation of everyone associated with the athletic program.

Register My Athlete - Register My Athlete

Away Game Addresses
Layton Christian Academy (BASEBALL)
@ HighMark

Utah Military Academy (BASEBALL)
@ HighMark

Syracuse Arts Academy (BASEBALL)
Founders Park
1904 W 1700 S #3 (Behind Syracuse Arts Academy)

Highland Jr. High
325 Gramercy Ave

Mound Fort Jr. High
1396 Liberty Ave

Mound Fort Jr. High (SOCCER)
1400 Mound Fort Dr
Ogden, UT

Mount Ogden Jr. High
3260 Harrison Blvd.

Mount Ogden Jr. High (SOCCER – Mt. Ogden Park)
3144 Taylor Ave

Venture Academy
495 N 1500 W
Marriott Slaterville

Syracuse Arts Academy
2893 W 1700 S

Student Supply List by Grade

The items on the list may be brought from home on a voluntary basis. Otherwise, they will be furnished by the school.

Student Supply List by grade:


Student Supply List
Kinder (pdf)
1st Grade (pdf)
2nd Grade (pdf)
3rd Grade (pdf)
4th Grade (pdf)
5th Grade (pdf)
6th Grade (pdf)
Jr. High (pdf)

Student Awards

Awards are presented annually to HighMark's high achievers, hard workers, and community contributors.

Hawk Honors Award = 3.5 - 3.7 GPA for one year

Hawk High Honors Award = 3.8 - 3.9 GPA for one year

Hawk 4.0 Award = 4.0 for one year

Hawk Hall of Fame = 4.0 GPA, no N's or U's for three years (7th-9th at HighMark). This award includes an individual plaque and name on school plaque

Perfect Attendance Award = No absences for one year

Leader of the Month = Teacher nomination for following the 7 Habits

Department Awards = Each department will nominate an outstanding student in that content area

Hawk 3-Sport Award = Participate in THREE sports for THREE years

  1. Athlete must participate in THREE sports offered at HighMark within the school year designated. A high school sport does NOT count toward this award.
  2. Athletes must be up-to-date on the athletic fees, have a good attitude toward the team and coaches, conform to school standards, attend daily practices and compete on the team. Red shirt athletes are NOT eligible.
  3. Boys must compete in soccer, basketball, baseball, wrestling, flag football, cross country or track. Girls must compete in softball, volleyball, basketball, track, cross country, soccer or cheerleading.
  4. Coaches and administrators will have the final input as to whether an athlete qualifies for this award.
  5. Athlete must maintain 2.5 GPA each quarter.
  6. Athletes who participate at this level for 3 years will have name on school plaque.
  7. Athlete must fill out application for award (form online on website)

Nomination/Application awards:

  • Board Business Hawk Award = This award includes an application (form online on website), cumulative GPA 3.5, service project, business plan, and teacher recommendation. Student will have name on school plaque + $100.
  • PTSO Citizenship Award = This award includes an application, service projects, and letters of recommendation. Students will have name on school plaque + $50.

Incentive Activity: Students who receive good grades and citizenship marks can qualify to participate in the Incentive Activity. In order to qualify for the activity, the students must reach the following criteria:

  • 1st term - 3.0 GPA with no "N"s or "U"s, no "F"s
  • 2nd term - 3.0 GPA with no "N"s or "U"s, no "F"s
  • 3rd term - 3.0 GPA with no "N"s or "U"s, no "F"s

No Tardy Party: After the grades and citizenship marks have been collected and sent out, the attendance secretary gives the administration a list of all students who have not had a tardy for the past term. At various times these students are called down on a random day and given a treat to enjoy for their accomplishment of having no tardies for the entire term.