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Guidance Counselor

Welcome to HighMark Charter School Counseling page.

  • Assist with academic planning

  • Conduct College and Career Readiness Conferences (PCCR)

  • Provide small and large group counseling

  • Provide community resources and referrals to families of students

  • Teacher classroom guidance lessons

  • Counseling academically struggling students


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    Credit requirements are very similar, if not the same, across the state. On this page, you will find the requirements for Davis, Weber, and Ogden School Districts. Charter high schools may vary significantly depending on which school you attend. You will want to contact the specific charter school you would like to know graduation requirements for.


    Foreign language is not a requirement for graduating high school in the state of Utah (unless a specific charter high school has that written into their charter). Foreign language classes are great for students to take, but again they are not required. When taken in high school (9th-12th grade) foreign language classes fall under elective credits. There are certain colleges that require a student to have taken at least 2 years of a foreign language in high school. The University of Utah is the only college in Utah that has that requirement. Students planning to go out of state should check with those individual colleges/universities. There also may be certain scholarships that have a foreign language requirement. One example is the Regents' Scholarship.

    Davis School District Requirements (pdf)DAVIS SCHOOL DISTRICT REQUIREMENTS
    Weber School District Requirements (pdf)WEBER SCHOOL DISTRICT REQUIREMENTS
    Ogden School Requirements (pdf)OGDEN SCHOOL DISTRICT REQUIREMENTS
    Morgan School Requirements (pdf)MORGAN COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT


    Northridge Learning Centeroffers high school students a way to retrieve lost credit through independent study packets. The curriculum follows Utah Core Standards. For information call (801) 776-4532.

    Our 9th grade students can enroll withUtah Online Recovery Credit to earn credit back that was lost.

Parent Resources

Helpful links for parents.

Scholarship and Financial Aid

Information regarding fees you may need to pay

College and Career

Information regarding College and Post High School Careers.

College and Career Readiness Plan (PCCR) is the process used for students beginning in the 7th grade to prepare them for college and careers. It will involve both group and individual meetings with counselors. At these meeting you and your student will discuss school achievement, goals, strengths, 4 year high school class planning, college and career opportunities after high school, and any other personal concerns.
During the group and individual PCCR, the counselor may discuss:
• School performance and test scores
• Future goals and plans after high school
• High School graduation requirement and 4 year planning
• Programs to earn college credit in high school
• Scholarships and college savings plans
• Career and personal interests
• College and career information

7th Grade

In 7th grade students at Highmark take a College and Career Awareness class. The curriculum will assist students through activity-centered lessons to utilize technology, develop beginning skills, and explore careers. The course provides information regarding additional courses and training related to each student’s career field of interest. This is a year-long course taught by a Career Technical Education teacher and school counselor. This is a key class for our focus and mission of entrepreneurship at HighMark.

8th Grade

Every 8th grade student will have an individual meeting with the school counselor. This meeting will allow the student and parent to develop a better understanding of college and career readiness specific to their student’s needs. Parents will be notified when sign ups are available. If you are not able to attend at the available times please call the office to set up another time.

9th Grade

Beginning in September we will do group PCCR presentations to the 9th grade students. These presentations will cover high school and college planning, high school graduation requirements, scholarships and financial aid, opportunities in high school to earn college credits, and a general overview of the college application process. In the spring all 9th graders will complete a career interest inventory through Utah Futures.
Utah Futures-track your classes, set goals, look up college and career information, build a resume, take ACT prep and much more.

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