I think Highmark is a really wonderful school. It is a really good school with great teachers and staff. This is my first year and I was nervous about making friends. The first day of school I made a whole lot of friends. Highmark’s goal is to bring kids into the business side of jobs. It also teaches about great entrepreneurs. It is a really awesome school with awesome people and staff.

Dakota E.

The reason I personally chose to go to this school is because I’ve always wanted to create something and sell it for what it’s worth. I also convinced my friends to come here and experience it with me. I have also heard great things about this school ever since my sister has gone here.

This school also has things like sports and better technology. My last school had no sports and only white boards. I personally love technology and sports.

Kolby O.

I have only been at Highmark for a couple months and what I like about this school is the faculty. All of my teachers are really great and fun! My teachers always have something fun to talk about every day and they sometimes involve activities. All of the faculty is great! Highmark has a lot of sports teams.

Highmark’s sports are Basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball, etc. These teams are really fun to play on. The faculty are the coaches because they have a lot of experiences in the sports community. Their sports are the best because I love sports!!

Star T.

Our school is amazing. I love this school because it is business based. I love that we can learn about the normal things like math and science but we also get to have advisory. Advisory teaches us the seven habits, how to be an entrepreneur and it teaches us how to be a visionary leader. This school also makes me happy because we have things that we can do individually and we have things that we can work on as a group. This school is also cool because we have HighMarket. HighMarket is a cool thing to have because it’s a cool experience to have. We get to learn what an actual entrepreneur would do. We get to learn so much stuff at this school. That’s why I love this school and think it’s amazing.

Rachel C.

My favorite part about Highmark Charter School is the way I can express myself. I have always enjoyed being a self employer/entrepreneur. This school gives me the opportunity to sell what I make and it doesn’t have to be challenging. I also love how welcoming the entire administration and students are to everyone. This is an amazing school filled with spectacular opportunities and people.

Chloe S.

Highmark is a great business focused school, and it has great morals and students in it. It also has great entrepreneurial spirit. My favorite part about it is the sports. The teachers are amazing and can keep their students interested in their class which helps us get better grades. This is an amazing school and I’m glad to be in it.

Jacob B.

Highmark Charter School is my favorite school that I have ever attended! I have been here since the very first year. Highmark has such a warm, kind environment. My favorite class is probably math because of Mr. Scov. Mr. Scov makes math fun and super simple! The sports here are super good too! I played on the volleyball team this year and it was super fun! Setting to now all of the girls on the team was awesome! Can’t wait for next year.

Alexis T.

I believe Highmark Charter School is a great school for children to learn and grow. It is a great business school, where each child is known as an entrepreneur. The dress code is modest, shows respect, and is business-like! Families are together in the school, because it is a small, comfy, cozy, school. The teachers are kind, helpful, considerate, and respectful. But, each Junior High student is able to participate in sports, clubs, and activities, which keeps them involved! The elementary is always able to have field trips, and clubs, so they too are involved, which is why I love this school! The principal and staff are lovely, kind, considerate and fun, just like the teachers. I never want to leave, but since it is only k-9, I have to leave. I hope as children keep coming into HighMark, they enjoy it, just like I do!

Kenya J.