May 02, 2018

Friday, May 18th: DARE Lagoon Day – this is NOT a field trip!
Lagoon is once again offering DARE Graduates the opportunity to go and enjoy Lagoon.

This is a day that DARE students can get into Lagoon for a discounted price. It is not a school event, so if students want to go they have to find their own transportation and pay for entry at the park. If students do not come to school it will be considered an “unexcused” absence (you do have the option of checking your child out of school).
DARE graduates may choose one of the following options:
1. As a DARE graduate, you can receive complimentary courtesy ride coupons that allow you to enjoy a free ride on seven selected attractions.


  1. As a DARE graduate, you can bring your whole family and enjoy a discounted per person ticket price of only $34.00 including tax.

Be sure to wear your DARE shirt!