Pick up drop off
Mar 20, 2019

As we begin 4th quarter we wanted to send out a reminder on how our pick up/drop off system works.

  • Pull in the east driveway and pick a lane; 1, 2, or 3. Lane 1 and 2 come around the front of the building alternating turns around the west end of the parking lot. Please pull up as far east as possible to keep pick up and drop off moving as quickly as possible. Lane 3 is an "express lane" to drop off or pick up your students along the north sidewalk and go straight out the west driveway.

  • Please do not park in the 3rd row parking.

  • When you pull up to the front of the school please have your students ready to get out of the car so drop off is not slowed down.

  • The west driveway is an Exit Only

  • Please plan for 5-10 minutes for pick up and drop off each day.

  • Please be aware of the cross walk, our students, and our teachers and aides who are out there to help with this process.

We appreciate your patience.